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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
implementation and impossible peace negotiations with the government. >> we tried to actually deal with this because behind the pressing issue of the recent violation and that is extremely a significant word in the syrian psyche at the moment, to see how recent and how large and as my colleague and friend here, rafif, was discussing the extent of the discussion. it is an overwhelming reality at the moment. you have those as you mentioned impacted very much throughout the last decade. but the way we try to do with this and the document is a recommended to committees that we passed an historic committee dealing with violations of human rights prior to the revolution and a communication with the recent plantations. of course through a grant to the challenge of documentation, but this is a process that's your intent to go through because really you have not counted or really given since i sent that accountability for all the torture they went through. recently in a workshop in istanbul that rami and iraq, which really gave us a sense of how the syrians are really responding in positive
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
how many smart people we have in academia, school level, government, generating data about education. the question is how do you translate that data into feasible action? that's where we think edu star can make sure the data just doesn't pay our computers or hard drives. it gets back to peoples that they can make decisions, parents and teachers. there's a lot of other good points, but rather hear from the panelists on the q&a. but i really appreciate all the comments. >> one thing i wanted to add, too was one of the most positive things when i read your paper and what you're doing is for the part tichenor, it's an extremely important need and right now there is so many innovators and ideas out there that they are everywhere and there's got to be a way to sort through the period so i think that is part of the edu star concept is so, so important. it is like right now in most places people talk about the common core standards and those are done. they've been adopted by 46 states. now is the implementation and it is a huge, important stat. and what will we be doing differently in classr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2